Monday, November 21, 2011

Photos from the 2011 Tournament

If anyone would like to purchase photos from the tournament, please visit They have some really good action photos from the tournament.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blogger signing off from Phoenix!

We are done! Another great tournament in the books!

Thank you for joining the blog this year!

We will see you again next year in Memphis, TN for the 2012 NCCS National Soccer Championships!

Good Night and Good Luck!

Thank you! & Congratulations!

Congratulations to our new champions for 2011:

Women's Open: Missouri
Men's Open: UC San Diego

Women's National Champions: UC Santa Barbara
(For the 5th year in a row...I have been to 5 tournaments and have seen them win each year...maybe the blog is a good luck charm :))

Men's National Champion: Weber State
2nd championship in 3 years

Thank you to the teams for great play this year.

Thank you to all the fans for making it a great atmosphere.

Thank you to the officials for helping out this great tournament.

Thank you to the staff from all over the nation who make this the best tournament that NIRSA/NCCS my opinion :). From the operations staff to the field marshals, to the all tournament committees, to the blogger :), to the tournament directors to the NIRSA reps, to the hospitality staff, to the trainers and to everyone else I forgot to mention. It is a great staff, it is a great tournament! I look forward to this tournament every year! Can't wait to return next year!

Finally, a great big THANK YOU to the Reach 11 Sports Complex!
The past 3 years have been great and the staff is so helpful and the facilities top notch for the championships that we provide. This has been a great experience and we hope to return again in the near future.

Men's Championship All Tournament Team

Matt Fredericks, Texas A&M University

Thomas Scholl, University of North Carolina

Richard Hudson, University of Missouri

Zachary Godat, University of Missouri

Josh Stuart, Weber State University

Aaron McKinley, Weber State University

Kyle Webb, University of Minnesota

Adam Latham, University of Missouri

David Ziegler, University of Missouri

Clay Perry, Weber State University

Jeff Rogers, Weber State University, Most Outstanding Goalkeeper

Cord Stimpson, Weber State University, MVP

Women's Championship All Tournament Team

Brittney Contacos, The Pennsylvania State University

Molly Stryker, Virginia Tech University

Rebecca Curry, University of California, Santa Barbara

Nicole Shane, California Polytechnic State University

Nadia Zadeh, University of California,Santa Barbara

Madeline Danna, University of Texas

Carly Sullivan, Virginia Tech University

Geneve Dromensk, University of California, Santa Barbara

Veronica Kopp, California Polytechnic State University

Paige Yeider, California Polytechnic State University

Carolyn Upton, University of California, Santa Barbara Most Outstanding Goalkeeper

Laura Caparelli, University of California Santa Barbara, MVP

Men's Open All Tournament Team

Stephen Lyon, University of California, San Diego

Joshua Tatsuno, University of California, San Diego

Greg Vincent, University of Texas at Austin

Robert Thompson, University of Texas at Austin

Jay Levin, University of Southern California

Connor Grant, University of California, San Diego

Alex Fortin, University of Texas at Austin

Stevie Yortsos, University of Southern California

Will Goth, Northeastern University

Benjamin Wang, University of Pennsylvania

Alejandro Escobar, University of California, San Diego Outstanding Goalkeeper

James Somerville, University of California, San Diego MVP

Women's Open All Tournament Team

Lauren Stockwell, University of Missouri

Alyssa Weatherly, University of Missouri

Emily Chang, University of California, Berkeley

Mendy Berglin, University of California, Berkeley

Melissa Murphy, University of Missouri

Jane Rhodes, University of Southern California

Maliakelly White, University of Colorado

Nicole Newell, University of Missouri

Kelsie Dickerson, University of California, Berkeley

Meagan Reitz, University of Illinois

Mariah McClain, University of Missouri Most Outstanding Goalkeeper

Lou Opfer, University of Missouri, MVP

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Final Postings....

Final posts including All tournament teams to be posted late tonight...

See you late tonight to wrap this up!

Goalkeeper and MVP Awards

Most Outstanding Goalkeeper: Jeff Rogers Weber State

Most Valuable Player: Cord Stimpson Weber State

Weber State Wins National Championship!

Missouri's Kevin Smith had his kick bounce down off of the crossbar but not over the line!

Weber State's Korbin Tafoya had his kick go through to win the national championship!

Weber State 0 Missouri 0
***Weber State wins national championship 4-3 after 6 rounds of Kicks from the Mark!

After Round 5

Missouri 3 Weber State 3

After Round 4

Missouri 2 Weber State 2

After Round 3

Missouri 1 Weber State 1

Previous misses have all been saves by keepers

After Round 2

Missouri 0 Weber State 0

After Round 1

Missouri 0 Weber State 0

Round by Round

Posts will be round by round not kick by kick

Missouri will kick first

At Extra Time...

Weber State 0 Missouri 0

We are going to Kicks from the Mark to decide the national championship!

Extra Time Begins!

A goal scored in this extra time period of 15 minutes will win a national championship.

Weber State 0 Missouri 0

At Full Time

Weber State 0 Missouri 0

One 15 minute golden goal extra time period to be played.

2nd Half Begins

Weber State 0 Missouri 0


Weber State 0 Missouri 0

Men's National Championship Game Underway!

Like I said....the Men's National Championship Game is Underway!

Men's National Championship up next!

Weber State v. Missouri

MVP and Most Outstanding Goalkeeper

All tourney lists will be on the blog late tonight.

The Most Outstanding Goalkeeper is: Carolyn Upton from UCSB

The Most Valuable Player is: Laura Capparilli from UCSB


UCSB Wins National Championship! X 5

UCSB defeats Cal Poly 1-0 to win their 5th straight national championship!

Goal by Laura Capparilli in the 24th minute holds throughout match.